Family Law

Assessment and checking of CETVs.
We have extensive expertise in both private and public sector pension schemes.

Apportionment calculations.
Consideration of the value of pension rights attributable to the period of marriage taking account of relevant judgements.

Calculations of loss of earnings & loss of pension rights.
Consideration of the detriment of one party’s earnings history and pension provision as a result of giving up work for family reasons.

Expert Witness Opinion.
With regard to any earnings and pension considerations in Family Law cases including giving evidence at Court when agreement cannot be reached.

As  divorce lawyer I have used Carlisle Collins on a number of occasions. Sandra Terras is an actuarial consultant who at her core provides professional, expert, financial analysis. However she provides more than simply crunching the numbers. Ultimately she provides advice which we can then use to inform financial decision making in divorces. It is incredibly important we don’t just provide clients with the numbers and Sandra always communicates her analysis in a clear non-technical way, ensuring our clients fully understand its implications, as well as bearing in mind any limitations. 

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